23/2/13 – rat diary


Jeeves, another hot water bottle!

I think the best part of today was inviting my two ratty friends in for a cup of tea after we got back from Wood Green, and listening to the exclamations over how much their condition and behaviour has improved since the last time H met them (about a month ago, I think). She was also kind enough to pass on our local breeder’s remarks about me when I first went down to meet her rats – apparently she thought I’d be an excellent home. Now that’s the kind of thing that gives me warm fuzzy feelings 🙂

I’m jealous as hell that Pepper will cheerfully cuddle up on H, brux and even boggle for her – with me he either scrams for his favourite hidey-hole under the sofa blanket or goes to sleep. I guess H isn’t the one who gets them up at some ungodly hour every morning and demands that they finish a spoonful of goo with stealth antibiotics in it whether they want it or not.

Ah well – owning rats is a learning experience on both sides. I have to learn how to handle rats in ways they enjoy and aren’t scared by, and they have to learn to trust that I know how. And they really are improving. Condition wise they’re definitely not 100% quite yet, still a little bony around the haunches and scruffy-looking in the coat, but they’re much shinier and they’re shedding at an enormous rate – H thought that might be to do with them suddenly having enough nutrients to replace their guard hairs, rather than just growing them really long. If so it’s a very good sign. There’s definitely a lot more muscle in their tails than there was too, although not as much as the rats I was handling at Wood Green. I’m starting to notice the difference in their sizes, too – standing on their hind legs Pepper’s shorter than Salt, and indeed Pepper’s filling out quite nicely but Salt’s still got a way to go. I think by the time I’ve got Salt up to his proper weight he’s going to be quite a big lad. I’m almost looking forward to their vet visit – I want to see evidence of how much progress they’ve made 🙂


One thought on “23/2/13 – rat diary

  1. Well, *you* got cuddles with *my* boys, and I *never* do….! New people are always interesting (and cuddleable), usual mum/dad is meh… 😉 Also, Portland is a tart.

    Let us know what Auntie Jill says tomorrow! Hope she agrees they’re looking much better on the new lovebombing regime!

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