IMG_0404_crop1_resizeWell, despite a dawning cold I managed to get up and out of the house in time to be only ten minutes late for my vet’s appointment – at least this time it wasn’t snowing.

Mad Aunt Jill the vet is one of those wonderful jolly-hockey-sticks souls who has clearly missed her calling as a character part in an Oscar Wilde play; the first time I met her, she quizzed me energetically about every aspect of the boys’ environment right down to humidity.

“Well I’ve got asthma,” I said. “It’s not dry enough at home set me off so-“

“Good!” she interrupted, then looked aghast and hastily backpedalled to explain that she didn’t mean it was good that I have asthma, but that I act as a barometer for the rats. I grinned and decided I was going to like this vet.

Today I like her even more since she pronounced them vastly improved since last time – better coats, better stress levels, better everything. Weight wise, last time they both weighed in at 476g; today, Salt tipped the scales at 503g and Pepper at a pretty respectable 513g. The regime from now is to keep up the spoiling them rotten and the daily protein in the hope of getting them to optimal health rather than just OK health, stick with the Baytril until the end of the week and then see how they cope without it given better condition.

Taking the photos for this post was nearly as much fun as being told how much they’ve improved – although Pepper’s definitely becoming the attention-seeker of the two. Salt just wasn’t interested…



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