Cross your fingers…

Today is the boys’ first day off their Baytril (antibiotics, for the uninitiated). This is when I get to see if I’ve really made a difference to their health.

I’m also getting absurdly excited about the fact that the local breeder from whom I’m hoping to get a babies to boost up the group size has not one but three litters on the way – they’re due between the 10th and 19th of March and I’m waiting with bated breath for the photos of little pink sausages to start appearing online. She’s already said she doesn’t mind S&P having myco as she trusts her rats to be healthy as horses (and with good reason, all the Zephyr rats I’ve met have been huge, friendly and glossy as you like). So if we’re lucky and she doesn’t get litterloads of girls, there might be some new faces to introduce soon!


2 thoughts on “Cross your fingers…

    • OK so far, as far as I can tell. I’ve definitely noticed that getting their weight up has made a difference – previously Salt still got porphy and sneezy after Pepper’s not infrequent beatings even if he was on baytril at the time, now he’s right as rain if he’s on it and only gets stress-porphy when Pep gives him a kicking if he’s not. It’s ten days now since I stopped it; over the last two or three I’ve gone back to hearing occasional whistly snoring and sneezing fits, but nobody seems to be getting noticeably poorly just yet. Some of the bickering I’ve noticed is much healthier play type stuff, which is a real pleasure to see!

      I am thinking I may need to separate them when I feed the wet meal though, since most of the serious differences of opinion I’ve noticed have been over access to the food bowl. I think the vet was right, thanks to whatever bad start it was that made them underweight they’re both pretty anxious about food – maybe Pepper just needs his own special eating space to feel calm in.

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