Augh! Kids.


All I wanted to do was get in a shower while the boys bounced about in the bathroom. It’s been a revolting, hot, sticky day and I’ve had a migraine.

Smokey the hamster: *in the lounge, frantically chewing her cage bars*
Fingermouse: Dad, why are you all wet? Why do you smell funny?
Adso: …dad? *sniff sniff* I’m *almost* sure that’s you… can I pee on your foot to make sure?
Me: NO – oh, for… just when I was clean.
Adso: Daaaaaad! Pepper’s hitting me!
Me: And whose fault is that, you belligerent little brat? Now Fingermouse, let go of Daddy’s towel –
Salt: Ow! Adso, get off me!
Adso: Ner ner, can’t catch mee – oh. You can. *hangs there looking silly*
Me: *dumps Adso back in cage with a cursory lump of watermelon*
Smokey: *is still frantically chewing her bars*


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