Rescues update

Well, I’ve still got three cages in the lounge! No more photos as yet because I’ve been run off my feet with other things, but an update on the rescues for those of you who are interested in these things 🙂

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IMG_2177_resizeWell, that’ll teach me to be an animal lover, won’t it.

So I answered a Preloved ad for a pair of year-old rats. Ideal, thought I, to fill the gap between my creaky old gents and the boisterous young Zephyrs who are driving them nuts simply with wanting to play. The owner of the rats in question seemed lovely; she was fretting about her rats’ wellbeing and obviously loved them very much. They were up for homing because the daughters they’d been bought for were a bit too young to find rats interesting long term. Mum also mentioned during our conversation that her neighbour had a separate two rats she wanted to get rid of because she was pregnant. I explained that I couldn’t house eight rats permanently due to lack of cage space, but would take them temporarily if the neighbour was desperate. Continue reading