Rescues update

Well, I’ve still got three cages in the lounge! No more photos as yet because I’ve been run off my feet with other things, but an update on the rescues for those of you who are interested in these things đŸ™‚

So far all the rescue lads are doing great. Magnus and Rigel, the neglect cases, are ten times happier in a proper sized cage; I’m scatter-feeding them to keep them occupied and Magnus is already starting to grow back his barbered-off fur. He’s tipping 520g easily today; I didn’t want to freak him out with my daft old-fashioned scales enough to get a really accurate measure but that’s at least a 40g gain since he went to the vet a week and a half ago. Amazing what enough water and plenty of good food can achieve!

The two undersized boys have been weaned off their shop-bought muesli onto a Shunamite mix, and now I’m sure they’re eating it I’ve just started scatter feeding. They’re getting quite podgy, bless their hearts. Rigel’s dashing good looks finally inspired me with a long-term rat-naming theme of celestial bodies, so I’ve rechristened these two Alcor and Sadge. Alcor is a star whose original Arabic name meant “neglected one” – it struck me as ironically apt given that my first thought about Alcor the rat was “Oh, just another black hoodie”. Sadge is short for Sagittarius A*, which is the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way. I picked it because Sadge is small, black and round – not, as my housemate suggested, because he’s a terrifying devourer of galaxies. He’d give them a pretty good nibbling, mind you. Sadge and Alcor are proving to be lovely rats, people-focused, gentle and polite enough to have loose on the sofa with me while I watch TV. Magnus and Rigel, on the other hand, are so fascinated by being out in an even bigger space that they’re prone to leaping off things to investigate – quite a pair of little explorers!

Infuriatingly, I’ve found that I react to the ivermectin all my rats are currently covered in, so it’s long sleeves, handwashing and minimal handling till they’re all over the treatment. Which isn’t ideal since Magnus and Rigel in particular are still shy, but spoons and baby food will cover a multitude of sins…


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